Where The Trailer Meets The Road
About Us

Roadway Utility Trailers, a locally owned Southern Maine family business offers quality Maine built steel trailers. Offering a full line of towable open trailers and custom built trailers, Roadway Utility Trailers uses trusted parts from dependable New England distributors.

In January 2001, we began selling steel utility trailers in the Greater Portland area. Buying and shipping trailers from Virginia and Indiana did not support the local economy, and with big box stores competing with the same trailer brands, Roadway Utility Trailers decided to start manufacturing our own line of steel trailers.

In 2009 we started the process of obtaining the necessary licenses, permits and infrastructure needed to start Roadway Utility Trailers. In November, 2010 we started building our first trailers. We hope to provide you with solid, dependable, quality built steel trailers.

All trailers meet or exceed all National Highway Safety and Traffic Administration guidelines.

Roadway Utility Trailers uses two coats of industrial paint on every trailer built.

Roadway Utility Trailers provides many "upgrades" as standard equipment including: No. 1 pressure treated lumber, high-density polyethylene fenders with side and top steps, conduit for all wiring, tie-downs, stakepockets and front safety chains.

Roadway Utility Trailers' 4 year limited warranty is one of the best in the industry. Unlike big box stores, our service and repairs are done locally.